Girandole Pasta

Shape – short pasta in the form of a twisted spiral. Sizes 10-20 mm in width, 40-80 mm in length.

Cooking time – 7-8 minutes (until ready).

Girandole is suitable for thick and simple sauces based on meat or cheese.

What does Girandole look like πŸ“ The shape of Girandole pasta

Like Fusilli, they are spiral curled paddles of dough made from durum wheat.

The difference between girandole and Fusilli is that the former has thinner dough blades.

Girandole pasta in the photo
Girandole pasta in the photo

What is girandole | Description of the species

Girandole has acquired their name because they resemble the children’s toy Girandola, a colorful spinner on a stick. This type of pasta is Fusilli’s younger “sisters”.


The type of short pasta is a versatile type of short pasta.

Also, Fusilli is considered one of the universal types of short pasta. However, they differ in their shorter size and shorter cooking time.

What can be combined with girandole

Girandoles go well with both thick and bright and light and unobtrusive sauces.

Curled spirals hold the sauce together very well, revealing a single palette of unique flavors.

⏲️ Cooking time

  • Cook until ready – 7-8 minutes
  • Al dente – 5 minutes

πŸ—’οΈ Calories and Nutritional Value

  • Energy value 1489 kJ / 356 kcal
  • 2 g fats
  • Carbohydrates 70 g
  • Proteins 14 g

Nutritional Factors (per 100g) – Barilla Girandole pasta girandole, 450 g

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