About the project

Hi, my name is Anton. I am a pasta fanatic.

I have been cooking and talking about pasta since 2013.

On this site, I collect types of pasta and pasta recipes. I show what forms of pasta exist and what to make them with. The cooking process is usually formalized with text, photos, and videos.

I want you to know what kind of pasta to take for specific dishes and make it better when you are in stores. I share recipes so that you can repeat them at home, and it’s sure to be delicious the first time.

My global goal is to make the best pasta website on the planet. And I am gradually approaching this goal.

I collect, analyze and check information about pasta all over the Internet. If you suddenly see an error, inaccuracy or typos, please write to me. I will correct the information.

If you want to write me, do it in the comments below or write [email protected]

Pasta / Macaroni
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